The program for 2019 is finally here, save the dates!

[Das Programm]

We host plenty of jazz for your exigent ears and the palates in 2019! North America, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania will be the destinations of our elaborate musical and culinary travels. Become our guests!

Duke, George, Cole & Astatine at the Harmony


After the great concert with Bucharest Bohème in October 2017, I got to host my second event in Harmonie Bonn in January. This time I was delighted to present my Holy Trinity of jazz: some of the most popular songs by Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Duke Ellington.

A big thank you the virtuoso musicians that played at my side and made the magic possible:  Marcus Schinkel, Vlad Vashchenko, Martin Gjakonovski, Roland Höppner and our special guest, the Rumanian saxophonist Nicolas Simion!

Many thanks also to the concert critic John Hurd, who wrote a very positive review of our jazz concert.


LER.CHE's concert in the Stadtgarten

Our concert in the Stadtgarten has given us and our guests great pleasure. Many thanks also to the Bonn cultural office for the organization and the support with the invitation of our special guest from Romania.


For all who want to relive some of the most beautiful moments, here is a little video. Have fun watching.

Jazz for Ear and Palate - Program 2018

In 2018 there will be more Jazz for Ear and Palate. Cuba, Romania, Avantgarde Jazz, Worldmusic, Blues, Fusion, Duke Ellington... You will surelly find something to tickle your gourmet senses.


Seats are limited, book today!

Astatine presents Bukarest Bohème in Harmonie


Let Astatine take you to the exuberant world of Bucharest in the 1930s. Vibrant gipsy melodies, charming tangos, ballads and Romanian folk are transformed into modern arrangements and Astatine's vocal style makes it unforgettable.

Jazz for Ear and Palate @ Muffenale 2017


Live music and fine food for the second time at the street festival in Muffendorf. Visit us on September 3rd and let’s celebrate life!

Fascinating Rhythms for Ear and Palate

The 9th concert in the series "Jazz for Ear and Palate" dedicated to George Gershwin was delightful. Together with some of her most favored musicians, Astatine presented well loved songs signed by the great composer. We thank you all for your visit and look forward to having you again as our guest!
Have a look at the delicious menu Chef Leistikoch prepared for the guests.

9. Jazz for Ear and Palate on 2017-06-30
Upcoming: House concert no. 9
Event: June 30, 2017


Hostess Astatine joins forces with the high profile musicians Vlad Vashchenko (guitar), Martin Gjakonovski (bass), Marcus Schinkel (piano) and Andrey Kazakov (trumpet, sax) to present a wonderful evening with the unforgettable songs of George Gershwin. The concert will be accompanied by a selection of modern israeli dishes created by chef Boris.

Tickets for this event can already be booked. Be advised that there is limited seating.