12.11.2022 | 29. Jazz for the Ears & Palate | Villa Leistikow
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[Gypsy Swing with Joscho Stephan Trio]

Like no other, Joscho Stephan shapes modern Gypsy Swing with his playing: Through his authentic tone, with harmonic finesse and rhythmic sense, but above all with breathtaking solo technique, Stephan has gained an outstanding reputation in the international guitar scene. He knows like no other how to stand out from the multitude of current Gypsy Swing adaptations by combining Gypsy Swing with Latin, Classical and Rock in addition to the many interpretations of the well-known classics of the genre. This is where Stephan's strength as a creative visionary shines through. And that delights concert audiences young and old alike.

The Jazz for the palates is insprired by the brasserie kitchen of France.

Admission 6:30 p.m. | Start 7:30 p.m.
Advance booking: 25 EUR | Box office: 30 EUR
Food is optional and not included in the ticket price.
Address: Muffendorfer Hauptstr. 47a, 53177 Bonn, Germany

This is a 2G+ event - vaccinated and recovered with test or booster.

Limited seats, we ask for reservations.

Photo: Manfred Poller