02.11.2019 | 24. Jazz for Ear & Palate | Villa Leistikow

Marcus Schinkel Trio & Joscho Stephan - Classic Meets Gypsy

Gypsy-Jazz is the first jazz style invented in Europe around 1930. 140 years earlier, the young Ludwig von Beethoven attracted attention at the Viennese court with unheard new fantasies on the piano, which were created at the moment - like the forerunners of jazz.

What better reason than to bring two virtuoso musicians together: Gypsy guitarist Joscho Stephan and jazz pianist Marcus Schinkel . The two musicians met in 2015 on the occasion of the Dresdner Jazztage and after a nightly meeting, the idea for a combination of gypsy jazz and classical models was born.

The two sound wizards draw from the most diverse melody templates of Mozart s Figaro, Schumann Childrens scenes, Debussy s Reverie, the famous love dream of Franz Liszt or Beethoven's "Wuth on the lost dime" to a brilliant rumba version of the patent topic of Nino Rota.

Wim de Vries, one of the best-known drummers in Europe (the Dutch newspaper Slagwerk awarded him the "Best Jazz Drummer of the Benelux" in 2016 and 2018) and Fritz Roppel, a well-known bassist in the Tango Fuego band, who masters both classical and jazz double-bass, completes the band's special sound.

Admission: 6:30 pm | Start: 7:30 pm | Ticket price 25 EUR
(food & beverage not included)
Address: Muffendorfer Hauptstrasse 47a, 53177 Bonn

The number of seats is limited, please contact us for a reservation.

Foto Credits: Josho Stephan & Marcus Schinckel.

14.12.2019 | 25. Jazz for Ear & Palate | Villa Leistikow

Led by Astatine’s hypnotizing vocals, LER.CHE shares a new expression of the Romanian soul with the world. The jazz quartet embodies the modern interpretation of Romanian folklore in a contemporary guise and is now releasing their debut album, followed by a tour in Romania and Germany.

About the name of this exciting project, Astatine says: “LER.CHE is essentially a proud Romanian bird, enjoying the exhilaration of new horizons while determined to preserve her roots in her song.” And indeed, original compositions and carefully curated folk melodies are set to avant-garde instrumental jazz, taking the listener on a mystic journey that defies boundaries of genre and geography.

Admission 18:30 h | Beginning 19:30 h | Ticket price 20 EUR
(food & beverage are not included)
Address: Muffendorfer Hauptstr. 47a, 53177 Bonn