01.02.2020 | 26. Jazz for Ear & Palate | Villa Leistikow

Special Guest: The latin jazz sextett LOS PIPOS

Latin Jazz is at LOS PIPOS program, Caribbean rhythms, Latin American songs and a lot Caribbean joie de vivre!
Above all, the musicians share a love for this music - with contemporary arrangements and with a personal touch they breathe new life into traditional songs. They focus mainly on improvisation, in the spirit of the South American way, telling stories with their music, catching moods and, of course, to make the audience dance.
Los Pipos are pure delight!

Admission 18:30 h | Beginning 19:30 h | Ticket price 23 EUR
(food & beverage are not included)
Address: Muffendorfer Hauptstr. 47a, 53177 Bonn

Limited seats, reservation required.