This is a brand new concert series with growing popularity.
Once every two months, Astatine hosts a jazz band in her cozy living room.
The events are inspired by the original idea that enjoying live music while eating
food “tuned” to the music, creates a more powerful experience altogether.
It becomes an event for all the senses.


Los Pipos

Latin Jazz Night!
February, 1st at 7:30pm

Also in the new year we stay true to our motto and strive to spoil your ears and palate with coordinated sensory experiences. We start the season with the jazz sextet Los Pipos, which will bring us Caribbean rhythms, Latin American songs and lots of Caribbean joie de vivre!

It will be no less lively for the palate when our dedicated kitchen crew accompanies the evening with exotic and popular dishes from the Caribbean.

Jazz for Ear and Palate
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