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“…her performance is hot and melancholic at the same time…”
Ebba Hagenberg-Miliu, General Anzeiger Bonn
Short Bio
With confident seduction, Astatine leads listeners into the bohemian world of Bucharest in the 1930s and 40s. Lively gypsy tunes, bewitching tango ballads and Romanian classics are presented in modern arrangements with Astatine's sassy vocal style leading the way.
Longer Bio
With band Bukarest Bohème, Astatine recreates the exuberant era of Bucharest between the wars. Lively gypsy tunes, tangos and wistful ballads invite a glimpse into a vibrant and alluring world. Astatine's bewitching vocals are accompanied by fiery fiddling from violinist Damian Dudu, precise harmonies from Benjamin Clement on the guitar, fused by the versatile bassist Vilmos Csik&oacut;s. Together they bring a winning combination of technical talent, feeling for the mystical and expressive Balkan music, and desire to make this fascinating genre accessible to new audiences.
In December 2015, Bukarest Bohème released their first album entitled “Argint Viu” (which translates to quicksilver).
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Click here to listen to audio samples from the EP “Argint Viu”.
Top highlights
• performed with Tcha Limberger, one of the most appreciated gipsy jazz musicians in Europe
• performed as a guest with renowned Roby Lacatos in Brussels
• performed for Deutsche Welle
• performed at Bonn City Music Festival
• released the EP “Argint Viu”
• forthcoming performance at the Harmonie Bonn this October, with the distinguished Romanian accordionist, Aurel Budisteanu, as a special guest
Echoes in the press
• “Wearing the distinctive embroidered blouse, she stands in front of the microphone with her head bent backwards, as once Maria Tanase has, the most famous Romanian singer ever. (…) Astatine's singing is brighter and just as wholehearted.”
Ebba Hagenberg-Miliu, General Anzeiger Bonn
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Ana-Maria Leistikow
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